Planet in action – Our core operations

Ferring is playing its part in reducing its footprint in office spaces – whether through more energy efficient buildings, reducing plastic waste, or greener car choices. While changes in our manufacturing operations often require big investments and big decisions, changes in the office environment can be made by all of us.

Supporting greener car choices

At our Headquarters in Switzerland: In July 2019, Ferring launched its green car policy, encouraging a move towards the use of hybrid or electric vehicles. After six months we had already exceeded our initial 10% conversion target. After an enthusiastic response, we have since increased the target to 15%, with further plans for expansion, supported by increased on-site recharging points.

In our UK offices: Building on a 2018 initiative, we have continued to encourage staff to swap to hybrid cars. Out of a total of 40 company cars, 35% or 14 are hybrids. We aim to have reached 50% by the end of 2020. We estimate the change to date takes approximately 22.5 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere annually. Our US office also encourages the use of electric cars by providing re-charging points on site.

In our Brazil office: Through the efforts of the Management team and Sales Director, we have introduced the use of biofuel (ethanol) into our car fleet. Currently this represents almost all (90%) of
the fuel used by our car drivers. In the nine months since we began, we have reduced CO2 emissions by 63%, or a total of 68.4 tons. Data on our usage and savings are monitored monthly through the fuel card report so that we can track our progress.

Reducing office plastic

At our Headquarters in Switzerland: We have eliminated plastic bottles from all meeting rooms and now offer water fountains. Additionally, our resident restaurant chef and his team have introduced compostable and reusable dishes for takeaway lunches.

At Ferring UK: Plastic water bottles for meetings are also banned in favour of glass bottles and water coolers only. We estimate this removes 1,680 plastic bottles from the system every year. We have also introduced the recycling of plastic cups.

At Ferring France and Ferring US: The management team gave a thermos to each Ferring France employee for Christmas, to encourage people to stop using plastic cups. Our US office uses only compostable reusable cups.

In Vietnam: The local team recognised that per capita plastic waste in the country is amongst the highest in the world (an increase from 3.8kg per person in 1990 to over 40kg by 2018). So we introduced ‘Grow Green From Ferring’ (GGFF); an initiative incentivising colleagues and their families to reduce plastic waste both inside and outside the office. We have appointed a GGFF Ambassador to lead this effort, which includes waste separation and switching from plastic bottles and plastic bag use.

Climate-smart design for new office – Denmark

We have committed ourselves to implementing “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” Gold standard (LEED Gold) in our new building, Soundport. This will be achieved by using solar panels and sophisticated climate control systems. At this stage, it is expected that this target will be reached when the building is put into operation by 2021.

I had a charge point installed at home and am consuming less than 1 litre per 100 km with a mileage of 1,200 km per month. This is a considerable saving. It also makes me feel that I am playing my part in a collective effort to reduce our environmental footprint at Ferring.

Pascal Voirol
Senior Director, Finance & Controlling 3rd Party Businesses and General Manager, FPSA (CH) and FPBV (NL)