Planet in action – In our communities

Time for trees

Beyond our core operations, in our communities, employees around the world are making time for trees. As a powerful symbol of the planet’s own health and an efficient absorber of carbon, they are an important way of giving something back to mother nature.

Restoring forest in Mumbai, India

Mumbai has lost 60% of its green cover, and open green areas are vanishing year by year. As one of the busiest cities in the world, air pollution is also an increasing problem, putting the health of its citizens increasingly at risk. Mumbai needs a solution for greening the city, and we have found a way to play our part. As a resident of the city, Ferring India has decided to invest its time and resources to building an urban forest. Over the next three years, the 2000 saplings we have planted will become trees that will absorb 42.7kg carbon dioxide, 2,650kg of sulphur dioxide, 8,000kg of nitrogen dioxide and 440kg carbon monoxide per year. They will also release oxygen enough for 800 people every day and capture over 100 litres of rain water annually. We are working in close collaboration with our partner, Green Yatra, a leading non-profit conservation organisation.

Reforesting Toluca – Mexico

Every year we invite all colleagues, collaborators and their families to participate in a reforestation project in the nearby Toluca mountain. In partnership with a community organisation dedicated to protecting the environment, this annual activity involves us planting a certain number of trees. In 2019, we planted 1,000 trees endemic to the region. In doing so, we learn about the role of reforesting in protecting the environment, cleaning the air, and supporting soil and biodiversity. Our community partner trains us how to plant and support tree care. The activity brings families and collaborators together and teaches our children (the next generation) the importance of respecting and caring for nature.

Team tree planting – Belgium

Ferring Belgium is doing its part in supporting trees by working with a non-profit organisation (Bos+). The office invested in 250 trees, which were planted during a team event involving everyone. Not only did the activity bring colleagues together in supporting a community effort, but these trees will also do their part by capturing 750kg of CO2 and 1kg of polluting fine air particles per year.

Urban Forest in Mumbai planted by Ferring India (top); and Ferring Belgium’s tree planting event (left)