People and values

People are at the heart of why we exist and how we operate as a business. We exist to support and meet our patients’ needs and rights. We could not do this without the dedication, knowledge and drive of our employees. Ferring is committed to enabling our employees and supporting them to find their passion and purpose. Ferring is supported by
the communities in which we operate, including patients, doctors, nurses and midwives and it is our privilege to support them in return. As our Philosophy states: People Come First at Ferring.

People and values – our employees

We want people to be passionate about the work they do at Ferring, and thrive in their careers. Working with a true sense of shared purpose enables us to develop and deliver the best support for our patients. At Ferring, we are driven by our purpose and guided by the Ferring Philosophy. Our Leadership Principles provide a framework to translate our Philosophy into behaviours and the way we work.

Performance with purpose

As the business grows and we shift towards a more performance-based culture, we are working to encourage colleagues to think more broadly about their functional role and about their purpose in the wider value chain. Changing mindsets can take time, but we look forward to the opportunities a performance-driven business can create to encourage colleagues to celebrate and be rewarded for collaborative behaviour.

Our work on our employee value proposition (EVP) in the last year has helped inform our priorities, and
we will continue with regular ‘pulse’ surveys on key questions for well-being at work throughout the year. These will give managers the tools to enable
more accountability and greater feedback.

Diversity and inclusion

With a global footprint and employees in over 60 countries, Ferring strives to be a diverse workplace. This means equal respect, treatment and opportunity for people of all cultures, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, ages and backgrounds. As stated in our Philosophy, all of our employees have the right to respect, support and encouragement, and a work environment that is safe, stimulating and rewarding.

Employees in Ferring's laboratories in Copenhagen, Denmark

Wellbeing in the workplace – Denmark

During 2019, Ferring Denmark has continued to focus on providing employees with opportunities to improve their health and to ensure physical well-being at work. An in-house clinic has been established where Ferring employees can book appointments free of charge for physiotherapy, osteopathy and ergonomics. The purpose is to prevent work-related injuries and discomfort as well as providing fast access to treatment for employees who are at risk of developing injuries.

People safety – Global

Our incident rate in 2019 improved significantly from a Lost Time Injury rate of 0.45 in 2018 to 0.29 in 2019; our Recordable Injury rate reduced from 0.53 to 0.36. We have achieved this through an extensive training programme driven by supervisors and line leaders at all our sites. We are proud of a safety culture built on transparency, collaboration, leadership and employee engagement.

We have found that building an environmentally-responsible company culture is a really powerful way to engage colleagues in a collective team effort. It is hugely motivating for everyone.

Sean Davis
General Manager, Ferring UK