Investing in the future

For this year’s report, we have taken the opportunity to reach out to colleagues around the world, to hear their voice and vision.

Klaidas Varna

Key Account Manager IVF – Baltics

“I enjoy the challenge of new treatment launches. It gives me a chance to develop as a professional. I’m motivated by innovation, and making a difference in the marketplace to patients.”

Masae Matsumura

Acting Director, Quality Assurance – Japan

“I recognised that the future of the industry is in meeting unmet needs through bio-tech, and Ferring’s People Come First approach made it the best career choice for me.”

Frederik Kjerulf-Jensen

Project Coordinator, Corporate Development Office – Switzerland

“One of the things I remember clearly about when I first joined... I was talking with my manager and he said ‘when in doubt, seek the answer in the Ferring Philosophy...’ It’s a big part of how we take responsibility and treat others. I think that’s great.”

Monica Rios

Regional Product Manager – Latin America

“I really like the experience of having a regional responsibility across multiple cultures. And Ferring’s culture is different too – it is small and accessible – you have a chance to learn and grow; you also have more visibility and accountability.”

Jennifer Green, PhD

Scientist, Urology & Translational Research, Ferring Research Institute (FRI) – US

“As scientists, we share a fascination and appreciation for the natural world and its inhabitants. Ferring’s commitment to deliver life-changing therapies to those in need, and to minimise its impacts on the planet while doing so, aligns well with those values. This is extremely important.”

Anna Gosovic

Global Ethics and Sustainability Manager, Values & Learning – Denmark

“I recently completed a PhD study, co-funded by Ferring, about Ferring’s business ethics programme. It is rare – especially in this industry – for companies to open up to researchers from the social sciences, let alone fund such research. I think that this demonstrates Ferring’s commitment to business ethics as well as to science.”