Welcome – A message from our President

As we enter a challenging new decade, the current COVID-19 crisis reminds us how important our purpose-driven work is. I am delighted to share our latest report on progress with you which includes some important changes.

As strained healthcare systems and workers are tasked with responding to the COVID-19 crisis, Ferring is committed to ensuring that patient needs in reproductive medicine and maternal health are not neglected. This will mean working with the global health community and patients to continue to advocate for broader access to fertility treatment, and for women to receive quality maternal health treatment and care, no matter where they live. Protecting maternal lives and safeguarding the progress made to date has never been so critical.

The COVID-19 crisis also serves to remind us how interconnected we are as a global community, and how vital it is that we work collaboratively to protect not only our business interests and those of our employees, healthcare workers and patients, but also the wider interests of society. The progress we made in 2019 puts us in a good position to do so.

Firstly, we embraced the global trend to move beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards the more holistic concept of Sustainability, which encompasses the full range of a business’ economic, social and environmental impacts. We redefined our strategy into three pillars: Purpose, People and Planet. This integrates our efforts with our business vision, our mission and the Ferring Philosophy, ensuring that we see everything we do through this lens. In short: this is how we do business.

We made notable progress on our commitment to deliver an affordable heat-stable treatment to prevent postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) in low and lower-middle income countries, with heat stable carbetocin added to the World Health Organization’s Essential Medicines List.

Our energies are now focused on developing the right partnerships to introduce the treatment into a number of key affected countries. This will require a complex network of distribution and delivery partners in-country that will take time but will be vital to ensuring that this treatment can reach the women who need it most, following first approvals in 2020.

More broadly, our mission continues to become the world-leading, most trusted healthcare company
in reproductive medicine and maternal health, and we are making good progress on building closer, trusted relationships with patients, families and the public about our role in the journey from conception to birth. One example of many in 2019 was our Patient Advisory Board meeting in the US, which enabled important conversations about the way we work, conduct our trials and how our treatments are administered.

Our work on microbiome-based therapies in gastroenterology with Rebiotix also continued apace. This is a unique and exciting area of innovation that could make a great difference to the lives of those suffering chronic and life- threatening conditions in the coming decade.

Finally, we are entering a new and critical decade for humanity with regards to climate change. Our commitment to healthier outcomes for patients must go hand in hand with our commitment to a healthy planet. This means applying a sustainability lens to all of our investments and decisions.

I’m delighted to see that colleagues around the world are taking sustainability initiatives locally, and we must now be more systematic on delivering against Purpose, People and Planet in even more tangible and measurable ways. This includes setting ambitious goals for 2030.

While the decade has not started as we expected, this is still the decade that must make the difference for people and families around the world.

Per Falk
President of Ferring Pharmaceuticals

The true scale of the current COVID-19 crisis reminds us how important our work is...it also serves to remind us how interconnected we are as a global community.

Per Falk
President of Ferring Pharmaceuticals